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  • Destroy your ideals and self, and return to hell and reality

  • People constantly seek out the right answer. Yet, is being right really all that matters?

  • Caligula

  • Even if something has already happened, you can still choose what you do.

  • Your life shouldn’t be built from someone else’s blueprint. No matter how unskilled you may be, you should draw it yourself.

  • When you’re in a desperate situation, it’s all the more important to keep smiling

  • Looking forward doesn’t equal progress on its own. Understanding one’s situation is also an important step.

  • Everyone gets hurt. But those who don’t realize they’re hurting can’t be healed

  • People who do not respect themselves will not be respected by others

  • Why do we live? The further we pursue the meaning of life, the more confused we become

  • Anxiety, Irritation, and Other Such Negative Emotions Spread to Others

  • When you lose your composure, you cannot reach the truth or reality