Fuuun Ishin Dai Shogun


  • Break the Thunderclouds, Heavenly Thunder God Susanoo!

  • Led by the Onigami, to Share Our Fate!

  • After the Rampage, the Two Make Their Decision

  • Cherry Blossom Baths Love Stories

  • Dejima Dawn, The Greatest Fist in Japan!

  • Ninja of Passion, the Bloody Shinsengumi!

  • Shigeyoshi of the Rebellion, The Bloody Surrender of Edo Castle!

  • Later Summer in Nagasaki, on the Night the Lanterns Float

  • Susanoo Hijacked! The Vicious Asai Hyogo!

  • The Sex Witch Houkouin Strikes!

  • The Alluring Red-Light District and the Foxy Chiharu!

  • Succession Strife, Keiichiro Appears!