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  • To Gaze Upon an Aureolin Butterfly Alongside Kouhai

  • Oh, to Hear My Name Spoken as the First Rain Starts to Fall With Kouhai

  • Could This Truly Be the Dawning of a Springtime Tempest with Kouhai

  • Constitutionals Alongside the Shopkeeper as Well as Kouhai

  • The Viscous Water and Gently Blowing Springtime Zephyrs with Kouhai

  • An Afternoon Moon, Appearing Up in the Sky One Day, with Kouhai

  • Oh, How I Spent the Long Spring Days Together in the Fields with Kouhai

  • The Spring Breeze Blows Through the Feathers On White-Feathered Arrows with Kouhai

  • The Faint Sound of the Dripping Dew from the Lotus Blossoms With Kouhai

  • Spindly, Long and Thin, Just as the Silhouette of a Cat, With Kouhai

  • Get Out of the Way, Horse Coming Through, With Kouhai, Get Out of the Way

  • How Does Someone Ask For Water That is From the Neighbor With Kouhai